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Every day between 9.30 and 3.30 Place2Be will be available for self-referral at Burlington Danes Academy for our participants and their families

Place2Be offers a flexible menu of services, tailored to meet the needs of the summer programme.


Our aim is for the service they offer during school term to continue during the school holidays. Place2Be will have a range of personnel (both clinical staff and highly skilled volunteers) who deliver a range of services which are optional for young people and their families.

For children they are able to provide during the Summer Programmes:

One-to-one counselling:

  • They can provide one-to-one sessions which are delivered by trained counsellors who tailor sessions according to each child's needs, in an age-appropriate way. For younger children their therapeutic approach encourages children to express themselves in non-verbal ways, for example through artwork or play.

  • Children can refer themselves or be referred by a parent or carer, a teacher or another agency.

    • Parents reported an improvement in wellbeing for 71% of children who received Place2Be counselling.


  • Place2Be's lunchtime service is a quiet place to talk and play during the busy school day, this will be replicated during the Summer Programme. Place2Be will have a permanent presence during and will be open to all pupils through self-referral. This helps children understand Place2Be's role in a school, and allows the Place2Be team to identify children who need more in-depth support.

    • In 2015/16, 33% of children in Place2Be primary schools used the service, and 68% of this group visited more than once.

For parents and carers during the Summer holidays:

Through counselling and support services, Place2Be can help families and carers:

  • Become more at ease in their parenting roles

  • Develop more self-confidence

  • Develop positive relationships with their children

Please drop in any day between 9.30 and 3.30 to make an appointment for yourself or your child.  


Place2Be follows Future Foundations child protection procedures, and works closely with our leadership team, to ensure that safeguarding issues are responded to appropriately and quickly.

For more information about Place2Be click here to visit their website. 

For more information about Future Foundations policies click here.

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