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Global Social Leaders (GSL) Catalyst is a unique 3-day non-residential leadership course, designed to develop your leadership skills and your understanding of global issues enabling you to plan a project and become a leader.

This programme is hosted by Burlington Danes Academy and is delivered by Future Foundations, an award winning youth training organisation.


Become a leader in your life and society

The ultimate goals of the programme are to:

  • Develop leadership skills

  • Nurture confidence

  • Empower the participants to go on to lead successful projects at their own school

The programme will aim to develop each participant’s personal understanding of different leadership styles, and how to show leadership for oneself, in school, and in the community.

Participants will develop their understanding of the global challenges we face and how, through partnership and innovation, we can solve them.

They will be taken through real life cases to demonstrate good project management and how to create their own impactful projects to take on after the programme ends.

Participating students will gain membership of Future Foundations Global Alumni network allowing you to access resources, incredible competitions and opportunities.



Book your place

This programme is being repeated 3 times and is open to primary and secondary students.  

  • Option A: 1st to 3rd August 

  • Option B: 8th to 10th August 

  • Option C: 14th to 16th August

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